Why Do You Want This Job? ?>

Why Do You Want This Job?

Of all the job interview questions applicants are asked, why do you want the job is the one that they regularly answer badly and fail to score any positive points. This one question is asked in most interviews and it is really easy to give an impressive answer. It’s also an opportunity for you to communicate some information about yourself that may not fit into any other part of the meeting.

Most of us don’t attend job interviews very often so it’s no wonder that we struggle to come up with the best answers or to present our experience in the best possible way. Getting the job you want is very important and you should invest in making sure you can predict, prepare, and confidently answer, all the questions you may be asked. Why do you want the job is a question you can confidently predict that you will be asked in nearly every job interview.

Recent interviews always ask: Why do you want the job. Many of the applicants answered the interview question by saying how much they want to get into the recycling industry. Some say that it was a growing industry with lots of opportunities. Some answered by telling me that recycling and green issues were fashionable. One even said that recycling is pretty cool. There were many other similar answers and they all had one thing in common. They were all about the job applicant and why the position would be good for them, or what the role would do for them. That’s a big mistake and a missed opportunity to score some positive points in a job interview.

When you’re asked this question your answer should be focused on what you can bring to the role that will be of benefit to the employer. Guess what I think when an applicant tells me they want the job because it’s cool, or fashionable, or because there will be plenty of opportunities for them. I’m looking for benefits for me and the company employing me to recruit staff. When I hold job interviews I do it so that the company I’m working for will get the best possible person for the advertised role. I’m not doing it for the applicants benefit.

If you can answer the question, why do you want the job, with a great benefit for the interviewer, that also shows why you are the right person for the role, then you are scoring double points. The person I actually employed at the recent job interviews answered by drawing parallels between his work experience and the requirements of the role. He also explained how he had a keen interest in the environment and recycling and was looking forward to learning the company product and service knowledge. Because he was passionate about the environment he would be motivated to research about the industry, marketplace, competitors, and other related information, in his own time.

Now think about how you will answer the interview question, why do you want the job. Start by making a list of the benefits the employer will gain from giving you the job. Check your list of answers and look for the ones that will be most appropriate for answering the question. Remember, every interview question you are asked is an opportunity for you to communicate something positive about you and what you can do for the company.

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