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Welcome to Australian Disability Services!

Looking to outsource a service or purchase a product for your business or home? Then look no further! Australian Disability Services are commercial businesses operating across a wide range of industries – from design, printing and packaging, to manufacturing, laundry and landscaping. With over fifty Australian Disability Services Australia-wide, you are sure to find one to suit your needs!

The chance at a real job is something all Australians deserve. Being in work is more than just having employment: it’s a key to engagement in community life, and a boost to self esteem and satisfaction. People with disability are no exception. Australian Disability Services employ more than one thousand people with significant disability. Australian Disability Services offer these employees real work in a supported environment.

This web site will detail the amazing diverse range of quality products and services offered by Australian Disability Services. Your purchasing of these products and services is not only good for your organisation’s triple bottom line it makes good business sense.

Purchasing from Australian Disability Services is ‘more than just good business’.

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